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Give me props!

My parents have always worked hard to give me so much (except a pony and a trampoline; those are still on the list, and I haven't given up the fight.) Anyway, both always pushed me to follow my heart, and they helped me start my business years ago. My dad even made my first set of lights and backdrop stand for my first studio. Often he finds or even makes things for my photography. When I told him I wanted a locker bench, he made one within days of my asking! IT WAS PERFECT! Upon seeing it, I couldn't wait to use it, but my next appointment was a senior girl who does not play ball. So, I figured I could wait . . .

Toward the end of our shoot, Brittney pulled out a baseball and baseball hat. Why? Because she loves baseball! Her brother plays, and she's always been an avid fan of the game. My prayers were answered! I pulled the bench to the middle of the floor, and just love the product! Thanks, Brittney, for being so beautiful, for loving the game and for giving me the chance to use my latest gift from my dad.

And, thanks, Mom and Dad! I'm giving you props for all of my props!

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