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She Said Yes!

If I'd known where this journey would take me, maybe I'd have said no or screamed YES! See, my reaction to her question all those years ago is one that I most always am glad that I uttered but at times wonder if it was the right choice. I mean, what would you say if someone asked you to photograph their wedding?

Well, like the bride, I said yes, and ten years later we are still going strong! I look back on the journey with fond memories. There were times I didn't want to click the shutter button, didn't answer calls on purpose and even times I put my camera on the shelf for what I thought was for good. But the truth is, no matter how I try, I can't stop taking photos. CAN'T! Trust me, I've tried.

So, thanks, Bethany, for saying yes, for trusting me and for asking me! I'm glad I said yes, well, most of the time!

Looking forward to ten more years!

Here are some shots of them from then and now. I'm so glad to know that both our ventures are still going strong and growing! (Yes, the Smiths are expecting! CONGRATULATIONS!)

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