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Just shoot me!

I try to return phone calls in a timely manner, but please remember that my business is a part-time, secondary business.

I wish I had a shop downtown that was open from 9:00 - 5:00 with a bubbly receptionist who knows my book by heart and takes care of all of my appointments, but I sadly do not. Instead, I have a house full of kids, a sink full of dishes and a job to go to tomorrow that's nowhere near a downtown studio. (Or I'm trying to place my order at Wendy's; just go with it.) Anyway, it's not that you're not my priority. OK, it is that you're not priority, but you WILL BE! Hang in there! Text me, message me on Facebook or email me! I PROMISE to return your message as quickly as I can. THE BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME IS VIA ONE OF THESE MEANS. Trust me! I want to shoot you as much as you want me to shoot you! I love my work, but there's just one of me and, thank goodness, A LOT OF YOU!

I love my second job! I really do! Please be patient with me and know that I can't wait to work with you!


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